Governing Board

The Executive Committee shall make the final determination of all organizational decisions. It is comprised of eight representatives: President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Arrangements Chair, Immediate Past President of the Association and two or more at large members. The officers of the Association will be primary institutional member representatives who are elected by their colleagues at the Association's Annual Winter meeting held in January or February of each year.

The Executive Committee is responsible for generating programs and activities, assessing policies, setting short-range priorities and long-range goals.

Carlos Hernandez
Dr. Carlos Hernandez
Sam Houston State University
Eric Algoe
Mr. Eric Algoe
Texas State University
Calvin Jamison
Dr. Calvin Jamison
Past President
The University of Texas - Dallas
Kimberly Lairde
Dr. Kimberly Laird
The University of Texas at Tyler
Randy Rikel
Mr. Randy Rikel
Arrangements Chair
West Texas A&M University
Angie Wright
Ms. Angie Wright
Angelo State University
Veronica Hinojosa Segura
Ms. Veronica Hinojosa Segura
Member at Large/Sponsorships
The University of Texas System
Juan Castillo
Mr. Juan Castillo
Texas A&M International University