Introduction to the TASSCUBO Organization

Mission Statement

To support the mission of state senior higher educational institutions in Texas by fostering excellence and providing leadership in business and financial management through professional development, networking, and advocacy.
[adopted by the Executive Committee, June 14, 2005]

The Texas Association of State Senior College and University Business Officers (TASSCUBO) is a member organization committed to promoting the professional success of college and university business officers in the State of Texas, and their institutions through the sponsoring of annual and special meetings. The meetings will be utilized for the dissemination of information and the interchange of ideas on issues of common interest.

TASSCUBO's membership consists of higher educational institutions in the State of Texas. Institutional membership is open to state-supported senior colleges and universities in Texas. Institutions, which become members of this Association, are known as institutional members. Each institution designates a primary member who will represent and vote for the institution. Voting is limited to one vote per institution. Institutions having more than one institutional member representative shall designate one of its members as the primary or voting representative. Those other persons designated by the institution shall be known as institutional member representatives, and only administrators charged with business and fiscal responsibilities of the institution shall be designated. Institutions of complex organizations may hold an institutional membership for the system and each separately organized institutional entity. Publicly funded Health Science Centers and agencies attached to publicly funded universities may also hold an institutional membership when such agencies receive a separate State of Texas appropriation under Article III of the General Appropriations Act (excluding Special Item only funded activities).

The Executive Committee shall make the final determination of all TASSCUBO decisions.